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Coffee beans

Delicious coffee with a good conscience.

At Nine Bar Passion, we work with coffee roasters that embrace the importance of high quality coffee with respect to the environment and social trade. These awesome partners are able to tell everything about the coffee from origin all the way to the roasted bean. All of them have the drive to change the coffee industry and make it better on all three pillars (quality, ecologie and social).

Every roaster has their philosophies and approach to roasting. That makes every coffee unique. Explore their coffees and indulge the flavours. 

Coffee Maker

Coffee roasters

Our coffee roasters are on a mission. They want to share the best coffee through lasting relationships with farmers trading fairly and with respect to the environment. Their coffee is unique and is roasted to bring the best flavours out. The beans are roasted specifically for certain types of brew methods to ensure that you will get the best coffee drink. 

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