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Stooker Specialty Coffee's mission is to make speciality coffee the norm.

Why? Because it’s better in every way - better taste, better for the people, better for the planet.

That’s why they source their beans from amazing farmers and roast them based on custom roasting profiles in their Amsterdam roastery.

Stooker exists to improve lives, build relationships and delight the senses. Thanks to their team of farmers, partners, roasters, baristas and fans, the ‘all good’ mindset has become our spiritual mantra ever since 2014.


"We source the most beautiful coffees at a fair price from amazing farmers.

We roast them to perfection in our Amsterdam roastery before you can enjoy a cup of Stooker brew.

From seed to cup we are involved in every step of the way, acting with conscience and without cutting any corners. Our goal is to define a new standard for fair and sustainable practices in the coffee industry. We believe that coffee can be a source for good where everybody benefits and we are here to prove that."

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

stooker coffee
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