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logo sloane coffee roastery

Established in 2016, the brand was born as a necessity, but raise as a passion. There was a real lack on the HoReCa market of a premium roasted coffee. Sloane Coffee Roastery has a progressive approach towards roasting coffee from high quality driven farms.
The main character of Sloane's story is Isaac Newton, the famous scientist, who was the PR of coffee in Europe. He has promoted socialisation habit at a coffee, in one of the firs coffee shops in the world. The name of the brand came from Sir Hans Sloane, Newton's best friend and in the same time his co-coffee drinker. To celebrate their friendship they named their brand "Sloane". Truly passion an-unconditional friendship.

logo sloane coffee roastery

Sloane is tenacious and passionate. It’s that little something you hear in their voice and see in their gait.
They want to highlight each coffee's unique character and flavour profile and leading to a balance and consistent roast. They value their products and the people they work with. It is loyalty that defies logic. And, energy that defies reason. All of this is part of their DNA. They don’t sign on for this. It just happens.
They carefully source the green coffee to reflect the progressive nature of specialty coffee and working closely with green buyers and farms guarantees a fresh crop, all leading to what we think is a delicious cup of coffee.
There is something wonderfully different about their product: besides the passion for coffee, they put into it their knowledge.
That is how they achieve a consistent and quality focused roast in each bag you open.

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