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Zwarte Roes is founded in 2017 by Marvin and Eline after being exposed to the Australian specialty coffee scene and witnessing the coffee farming in South-America.  

Understanding the challenges and effort that farmers had to go through and wanting to boost the specialty coffee scene, Zwarte Roes has been founded to bring these two worlds in balance. Great coffee, fairly traded and ecologically responsible. 


"Our Dream: Be the change

Looking at the coffee trade, generally speaking coffee is considered a commodity, just like oil and wheat. The prices are determined by traders independently from the farmer's efforts. Within the general trade of coffee, there are a lot of middle man involved and each take their cut. Farmers are being neglected in this commodity approach. 

This is how the dream was established. A fair distribution of the profit throughout the chain, eliminating unnecessary steps and much better coffee. 

Pay the coffee based on its quality rather than the quantity. 

You know what happens? 

Producers will put more heart to the product and will produce more sustainable and ecological. This will result in us getting the best end result. Awesome coffee."

Zwarte Roes
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