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Juicy cup with notes of white peach, rhubarb and a touch of mirabelle plum.


Grown in the Mt. Eigon region, this coffee is coming from smaller farms in the area. The farms are located on the slopes of Mt. Eigon and average 1,5 hectare. The veriaty of arabica bean consists of SL28 and SL34. These varieties are cultivated by Scott Agricultural Laboraties (SAL) in the 1930s and 1940s. They became a popular choice of Kenian farmers due to their deep root structure, which allowed them to maximize scarce water resources and flourish even without irrigation. They are cultivated with a serious eye on sustainability and Good Agricultural Practices, with minimal environment impact where possible. 

This coffee is selected and roasted to deliver a fruity and juicy cup of coffee. 

Kenya Kuture PB

VAT Included
  • Origin: Kenya
    Region: Mt. Elgon
    Washing station: Kuture washing station
    Altitude: 1570m
    Variety: SL28 - SL34 Peaberry
    Processing: Washed
    Roasting profile: filter

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