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Martini Set


This is a coffee drink that has been around for a while but is still widely underrated. The basics are simple and a great start for some experimentation. So, get ready!


  • Get your hands on a sugar syrup. Sugar syrup can also be made by dissolving sugar into an equal portion of water (1:1 weight ratio). You can speed up the process by mixing with energy or heating up the water a little.

  • You will also need Saline. Saline is a mixture of salt and water. For this drink, we use 20 grams of salt to 80 grams of water (1:4 ratio). We won't need a lot of it in this recipe.



In a shaker ( the same used for cocktails),

add plenty of ice (used to cool and aerate the drink during the shaking).

Add 10g of 1:1 sugar syrup.

Add a double espresso (40g)

Add 2 drops of saline (0,1g)


Shake the mixture and strain it into a chilled glass. The drink should present a foamy texture. Decorate to your likings and serve!

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