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Why coffee?

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Despite popular demand, there is much more than the cappuccino and the espresso.

Coffee is a very versatile drink that is often not appreciated as it should. Most people will refer to “needing” a coffee when they need a boost of energy or will drink a coffee as a daily habit without taking the time to taste, smell and appreciate the complex drink. However, there are many ways to drink coffee and many innovative recipes to making coffee based drinks all year around.

The universal truth. Don't believe the purists... there is no such thing as the “best” coffee in the world. The “best” is in the eye – or palette rather- of the drinker and that drinker is you.

A coffee blog?

Yes, this is a coffee blog and you will love it!

Here, you'll find coffee world news: we'll keep an eye out for the new developments in the world of coffee and bring you these here. And if we missed something, we count on you share that with our community in the comments!

You will learn more about beans: ranging from the variety of coffee beans, processing methods and roast types ( spoiler alert: there are sooo many!)

And you will enjoy the best coffee equipment reviews: from the Mokka Pot to full automatic espresso machines and from the AeroPress to neat coffee accessories. Get your wish list ready!

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