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Cappuccino is the second most popular coffee drink in the world dating from early 1900s. The name has a long history but in short, it comes from the Italian word “cappuccio" (“hood” referring to the hood or “cappa” of the Capuchin monks’ clothing) + “-ino” (diminutive).

The Cappuccino is an espresso-based drink to which you add frothed milk to it. There are several recipes that people consider make a Cappuccino.

Expert tip: One of the popular approaches to cappuccino is volumetric based ratio of 1 portion of espresso, 1 portion of warm milk and 1 portion of milk foam. When you use this approach, the warm milk and the foam are separated from each other. However, you’ll not often see this volumetric based ratio in any coffee shop, as the drink would be relatively small and customers tend to expect a bigger drink. 

Brew ratio: We would favour a weight ratio of 1: 3-5 (espresso vs steamed milk) and add a relatively thick layer of foam. But feel free to innovate and make your own version of it based on your preference.

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