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Aeropress coffee

The Aeropress is a versatile and rapid coffee brewer that is particularly handy when you are not home but still would like to enjoy your personal quality coffee on a trip.

There are a lot of different recipes and techniques that you can apply. Here, for your convenience, we list here one that might help get you started with the Aeropress.

James Hoffmann's recipe and technique.


11g coffee

200g water


  • Grind your coffee to medium grind size. It should be finer than you would grind it to use for a poor-over, but coarser than for an espresso.

  • Put the filter in the Aeropress and place it on a cup. Add the grinds to the Aeropress and fill it with 200 grams of hot water. The temperature of the water depends on the type of roast you’re using. Darker roast will require a lower temperature (85-90C) compared to a medium roast (90-95C).

  • Add the plunger to the top and let it rest for 2 min - do not push yet! After two minutes, give it a light stir. Be mindful to not create a strong vortex. Once stirred, let it rest for 30sec.

  • After it has rested, press the plunger slowly and fully down to extract the coffee.

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